As a  company we support these businesses and local entrepreneurs and we hope you will too!  Check out their websites and let them help you as they have helped us.


The iconic brand Tide has taken dry cleaning to another level! Providing a wide range of high class services and a exclusive dry cleaning procedure, Tide brings all our bowties to life! Darks stay dark and brights get brighter, Tide is the detergent of choice for our clothes and the dry cleaners the choice of our accessories!

Laci Savelle Designs -

As the quintessential handcrafted designer, Tie-My-Knot is proud to partner with Laci Savelle Designs with our break thru line

"The Charlottean"  for 2016. Following the companies vision "functionality with bold, fun colors and patterns to inspire our customer to break out of normalcy and stand out in the crowd."  this limited edition line, the fruits of our labor will allow you to enjoy the style while they are still ripe!

SnapWerx - (*Owner Jim Graziano) -

With offices in Charlotte and Tampa, Tie-my-Knot was privileged to work with SnapWerx both as a client and hand in hand with the Sandbox.  Covering the areas of industrial, architecture, interiors and consumer photography ,SnapWerx takes pride in every picture and freezes a memory in every photo.

Mista LG (Creator of website music) -

Award winner of  the 2014 "Best Of Weddings", Mista LG has used his specialized creative stylings' to make the shopping experience musically pleasant as it is visually.  He has worked with MTV, the OSCAR, national campaigns, including Hallmark.  He also provided audio edits and arrangements for the Carolina Panthers organization.  Check out his website to hear more of his work.

Nhieu Tang (Photographer) -

Nhieu is a graphic designer and freelance photographer.  His expertise is in the field of illustration, design, and documentary photography for weddings and portraiture.  The images on this site was taken by Nhieu.

Best Day Ever Studios (Wedding Planner) -

"Best Day Ever is a Charlotte, North Carolina based creative events studio specializing in customized weddings and event design.  Best Day Ever provides style and service throughout North Carolina to make your wedding day as easy as pie."  (*Info taken from the website.)

Playmakers Action Photography (Owner Quincze' Brim)

Using her photography skills which have covered a variety of industries, sports and events, Tie-My-Knot tapped into Playmakers Action Photography for breathe taking pictures.  Highlighting each individual stitch, splashing the vibrant colors and making the bowties come alive Playmakers Action Photography has added another element to the vintage accessories style .