During the customization process, we provide a individualized communication approach, which allows us to understand the unique style and needs of our clients. Our custom customers are a part of the creation process from beginning to end. All custom bow ties come pre-tied, but we designed our bow ties to be self-tie as well. Each is developed with a clasp option allowing the bow tie to be tied then adjusted per neck size and attached. Using the clasp option, the tie can be instantly taken off allow the bow tie to still be tied OR untied revealing the self-tie option. Prices start at $30.00! Please allow 7-10 business days per order, this includes delivery time.

To help us turn your creative designs into reality, please provide as much details as possible below. If you have additional sizes, please fill out a separate form for each size. Review the create tab prior to placing your order, it will help you get a better idea of what we offer. We will send you the invoice to review before we start. As soon as the invoice is paid the handcrafting will begin!

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If you would like a specific color please specify if the bow tie is a solid color or more than one color. If patterned state style (paisley, striped, polka dots etc...)
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           You will be contacted by our customer service staff within 24 hours confirming your order and its' details!