Expert Bow

                                                        Expert Bow


            Build your own bow tie from our menu of options!

            Wedding orders include a FREE Grooms bow tie!

PICK YOUR STYLE: (*base price)

Newbies (age 0-6)  $15.00

[pre-tied only]

bow size: 3"x4", fits neck size between 4" - 9"]

Beginners (age 7-13)  $15.00

[pre-tied only]

bow size: 3"x5", fits neck size between 8" - 13/14"]

Intermediate (age 10-16) $30.00

[self-tie and pre-tied in one!]

bow size: 2"x"6, fits neck size between 10" - 15/16"

Expert (age 16+)  $ 40.00

[self-tie and pre-tie in one!]

bow size: 2.5"x6", fits neck size between 14" - 20"

Big&Tall  $45.00

[self-tie and pre-tied in one!]

bow size: 3.25"x6", fits neck size between 16" - 26.5"

PICK YOUR STYLE: (* no additional charge)

(Unless requested, bow tie will be in butterfly shape)

Butterfly (* classic style as sold in stores, a.k.a 'thistle shape)

Jumbo Butterfly(* Jumbo sized not sold in stores)

Diamond-tip (* has a sharp corner in the shape of a diamond)

Batwings (* a.k.a slim or straight)

Round edge (* ends are round instead of flat)

PICK YOUR FABRIC: (* in addition to base price)

Cotton (*no additional charge)

Satin/Silk    $5.00 (* most common wedding style)

Seersucker  $7.00

Faux suede  $8.00

(*price will vary on additional style fabrics not listed; request pricing on order form)


Embroidery  $5.00 (*defined as: letters only, not exceeding 3)

Monogram $7.00

(* defined as: Date - First Name only - First & Last Name)       

Short message  $10.00 (* available only based on bow tie size)


Pocket square  $10.00

Can be embroidered/monogrammed

Can be embroidered/monogrammed