Damages/Late Fees

All damages are determined upon arrival of product(s). If issues with product(s) are not noted prior to receipt at the Tie-My-Knot offices, it will be determined it was caused during the rental period. The damages will be evaluated accordingly and the amount will be taken out of the deposit. Once it has been determined that this step needs to be made, as the renter you will be contacted by our office via email explaining the situation along with visual proof. All ties are covered by a silicon coating which will protect it from normal use as well as wear. Cuts, burns, rips and tears are not considered normal use and will be taken out of the deposit.

Late fees begin if the product is not dated via post office by due date upon receipt or received AFTER determined due date. Fees are determined as 15% of the deposit each day up to 5 days. On the 5th day, the product is considered purchased and the entire deposit is kept.