Follow us as Team Tie-My-Knot travels the country molding youth in understanding marketing and branding on both the high school and middle school levels. We sponsor and lead workshops nationally using our company as a example of developing your ideas into a business. Our audience has been as small as 300 with as many as 5000! These monthly opportunities allow us to increase our brand nationally and seeing our customers face to face in a continuous effort to grow our brand and increase our company footprint.  Follow us on our social media on Instagram @Tiemknotnc, on Twitter @Tie_My_Knot, on Facebook @TieMyKnotbowties (* which we post in 5 languages) or visit our workshops in the upcoming cities with more to be announced in April! 

Pittsburgh, PA,  Kansas City, KS,  Detroit, MI,  Chicago, IL,  Boston, MA, Omaha, NE,  Salt Lake City, UT,  Los Angeles, CA, Troy, NY,  Atlanta, GA, Cleveland, OH,  New York, NY and Miami, FL.