Tie-My-Knot is proud to introduce our new brand of bow ties called the "Millennial Edition"! What are "Millennial Edition" Bow Ties you ask? Well these bow ties are made to highlight your individuality at a economical price! These bow ties are......

1. Made from Upcycled materials!  No two bow ties will ever the same! We use fabric from various materials who's prior life may have been a shirt, dress, sweater etc!

2. Ready to wear!  Since they are custom, these bow ties are both self -tie AND pre tied!

2. Reasonably priced! All bow ties will be priced at $25.00 plus tax!

Just when you think we have figured it all out, we add another component to the fashionable fun! These bow ties made their debut on December 1st at the "Christmas in Davidson" event in Davidson North Carolina. They were a hit and a great conversation piece! They will be available online or in a store near you in 2017!